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so deep in the caves of the sea

hey, it's raining starfish

the graphics journal of Kits
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A Graphics Community
I sometimes want to become the wind...
It leads my dreams into the distant future...
I unfold both hands and close my eyes...
Can I call this place home?

This is the graphics journal of kitsuneasika. There are only a few ground rules.

- Always credit either kitsuneasika or sinrainmalice.
- If I don't specifically say it's a base, don't alter it!
- No hotlinking. Period.
- No drama. I have zero tolerance for it.
- Last, but not least, don't claim anything as yours.

That's all for the rules. Enjoy!

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Co-Mod @ 50_breeds

I have no idea who took the picture that I used for the banner. If it was you, please tell me. And if you object to my using it as a banner, please tell me this also so I can remove it.

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