girl & her cat -- stay by your side

austen20in20 - round four

These icons were made for Round 04 at austen20in20. I claimed (the completely adorable) Henry Tilney from Northanger Abbey 2007. To be quite honest, I came so close to just scrapping all of these icons so many times. Only the fact that the deadline is so close stopped me.

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dawn -- looking back at him

batch 06

I haven't sat down to properly make icons in ages. Nearly all of these are just ones I made for various icontests in the seven months or so since I last posted. It's kinda like a housecleaning, you know? I'm not very fond of these, but whatever.

64 Icons
15 Digimon
16 Disney
04 Full Metal Alchemist
05 Naruto
02 Pokemon
21 Sailor Moon

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